You know the stats that say one bad experience is all it takes to lose someone. But with everything on your plate, how can you find time to get objective feedback that’s helpful – especially since you (or your team) is biased from designing these experiences?

Your answer: An assessment from someone who knows what buyers are looking for … because we either are your ICP or have been!

Here’s the process:

#1 – Tell us what to assess

It could be your website, digital platforms, email newsletters, sales processes, or the entire package.

We discuss what you’re looking for an the desired outcomes you hope to achieve from acting upon this feedback.

#2 – We record

You get a video walkthrough showing what we saw, why it’s good/bad, and ways to improve. It’s far easier to put yourself in the customer’s shoes when you see what they’re seeing!

Want examples? Here‘s a playlist with free digital experience feedback we’ve dished to companies like E-Z-GO, Gong, and Pie Bar.

And of course, you can ask clarifying questions and follow-ups.

Short from a CX review of Chili Piper’s contact form (Note: not a paid engagement)

#3 – You make changes and delight customers

It’s an actionable roadmap, so you’ll know what to do (and where).

Strapped for time or resources? We can help with implementation, too.

So what are you waiting for? If every touchpoint matters, then EVERY touchpoint matters. Make sure each one is working towards pipeline growth … and not sabotaging it instead.

Get the real buyer feedback you’ve been looking for

Don’t settle for a random person who might be in your ICP. Know exactly who’s dishing this feedback and have a way for follow-ups!

Choose what’s right for you:

Better than other options

Are there other options like UserTesting or Wynter in the market today? Of course there are.


With us, you get:

  1. A known quantity. No inputting demographics and hoping it’s someone with camera presence, good English, and the experience you’re looking for.
  2. Someone who’s responsive on LinkedIn. Go on, reach out!
  3. Less cost than other platforms. Director-level feedback is $90 on Wynter unless you get a $1,500/month plan. How about just spending …. less than 100 bucks to get what you need?
  4. The option to scale our services (if you need/want more help)

This is the customer experience feedback service you’ve been looking for. And we’re excited to help!