From line pipe to disc pumps, gaskets to entire systems, your prospects and customers buy differently now than they did pre-2020.

Which means manufacturing companies must evolve, too.

Whether you’re new or been around 50+ years, how customers find you has evolved.

They’re researching more than ever before getting in touch with suppliers.

They prefer avoiding contact with sales for as long as possible – in many B2B applications, as much as 80-90% of their buying journey is done before they get in touch with a sales team.

And trust is built based on what they find on their own time. From customer reviews to your website, Youtube channel, and more.

Make sure you maximize the time prospects and customers spend researching you – and ensure they find you at all.

Why RMG?

Caleb has worked in-house at Club Car, an OEM golf car manufacturer, and supported a major product launch while working across all three company verticals. This was a $500M+ revenue company housed within the Ingersoll-Rand enterprise at the time – where you could put on your safety equipment and walk through a nearby door to watch the cars and utility vehicles being made in real-time.

He’s also spent time with an industrial marketing agency, seeing firsthand some of the common pitfalls manufacturing companies fall into. And, painfully, some of the agency pitfalls that sit out there as traps for unsuspecting companies who aren’t quite sure what a “good” agency looks like for their specific marketing maturity and needs.

With that previous industry experience – coupled with a marketing career spanning well over a decade – you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

Caleb worked in marketing for Club Car, an OEM manufacturer, for over two years

You get proven expertise that understands how to create a stronger manufacturing marketing experience that helps your pipeline grow.

And you’re getting marketers. Not people who’ve been in manufacturing and decided to open a marketing agency (more common than you might think…), and not people new to the space who are just learning how to do expert-level marketing on your dime.


“(Caleb)’s the best of both worlds, with excellent technical and analytical skills, as well as a creative side, making for a problem solving powerhouse.”

Erika Griffin
Digital Marketing Manager, Club Car

Why not grab a time to dig in and explore further?

And yet, here’s one more benefit:

Don’t break the bank.

Because we’re based out of Macon, Georgia, we have a lower cost of living and thus can charge less than many agencies – even if our marketing expertise matches what others can offer.

And it’s flat-rate pricing.

No counting hours. No worrying about if you’re running up a crazy bill. You enjoy set costs and making great marketing happen – with measurable pipeline (and revenue!) impact.

Pricing starts at $2,500 a month and is dependent on your current needs.

What you get:

A cohesive strategy – not just a bunch of stuff to be done, but an understanding of how it’s all working together to support your growth.

Conversations around marketing’s impact on revenue. If you can’t measure it, then we’ll figure out how to make it so you can. Even if it’s hard.

Tactical execution. From emails to lead scoring, paid advertising to content, websites to case studies and so much more. But this isn’t a turnkey solution … because your marketing must be specific to your ideal customers.

On-time delivery. Because when we say we’ll do something, it gets done. And when we said it’d be done.

Get fresh ideas:

Grab time on Caleb’s calendar and let’s dive in! We’ll focus on your topics of choice – no sales pitch, unless you want one.