You have a business to run. Customers come first, and then there’s everything else from payroll to scheduling to new products/services to everything else that comes with doing what you love.

Marketing? That sometimes has to take a back seat.

Here’s three challenges small business owners run into:

  1. Time. Marketing takes time to learn to do well. Time you often don’t have.
  2. Expertise. Want to guarantee you’re wasting your money? Try running your own Google Ads, much less figuring out on-site SEO or anything else that’s a highly-specialized field.
  3. Budget. You may have not not a lot to work with or the ability to have a dedicated marketer who’s handling everything.

And yet, great marketing holds the key to growing your bottom line.

Here’s how you bolster revenue and avoid running into those problems above:

Outsource your marketing. It gets handled (time), and by a team who do this for a living (expertise). We aren’t people learning on-the-fly, we’re bringing proven experience with numbers to back it up. And the cost starts at $500/month (budget) which covers a bevy of needs.

No matter your industry, ideal customer, or marketing team size, we’re ready to bolster your revenue.


“We’re booked out a year in advance – and the website is the main reason people have been booking with us!”

Rob Lacher
Owner, Lacher Construction

Read a case study on Lacher Construction here

Get your marketing right. Get started now.

Why RMG?

You have choices. So, why Rule Marketing Group?

A marketer’s view. Get someone with 12+ years’ experience, including working at agencies with small business clients, on your side and leading your marketing efforts.

Understand the why. Just getting stuff done isn’t what we do, because then it fails to educate you on a major component of your businesses’ livelihood.

We’ll walk you through the how and why so you understand exactly what’s going on at all times.

Tie it to revenue. Can great marketing lead to better revenue? Absolutely. And we’ll work with you to identify what channels drive the highest return or figure out what your marketing pipeline actually looks like.

Can’t get to the fixes yourself or need a helping hand to jump in alongside you (or your team) to help? We can do that, too!

Small business consulting services:

Here’s some of the marketing upgrades waiting for you:

Strategy. It’s not just knowing what makes the most sense for you, but also how to make it happen and in tandem with everything else your business does now.

Billboards? Digital ads? SEO? An event? Something else? It all depends on your customers, business model, and what the data indicates.

Starting here and tying everything to your business objectives aligns your marketing efforts.

And then, get the marketing handled. A few ways we help:

  • Messaging updates – how you talk about yourself as a company
  • Website upgrades
  • SEO
  • Local SEO (around Google My Business rank)
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Content development
  • Google ecosystem (Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, etc.)
  • Understanding how these help you make money

We also help with CRM and marketing automation, email marketing, and more.

A few items we don’t help with, but have people we trust and will recommend:

  • Meta/Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Social media
  • Sales outreach
  • Event planning

Let’s get started:

Book a time so we can dive in and make a plan of attack.

Small business marketing resources

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