You’re looking for a marketing agency in Macon, Ga. Have you found one that’s focused on revenue (instead of telling you the stuff they get done)?

Marketing is so much more than building a website, designing new collateral, or optimizing your ads. Those are important pieces of the puzzle – but by themselves don’t show value.

Welcome to Rule Marketing Group.

We have two guiding questions:

  • How does this impact the metrics that matter most to you?
  • How does this serve your customer?

The answers to those two questions eliminate waste and bring focus to the highest-impact marketing activities.

“We may not have survived the pandemic without you.”

Mikey Smith
Young America Music Schools
Macon, Ga.

Get started now.

What you get here you can’t get elsewhere:

A marketer’s view. Get someone with 12+ years’ experience, including working at agencies with small business clients, on your side.

Understand the why. Just getting stuff done isn’t what we do, because then it fails to educate you on a major component of your businesses’ livelihood.

We’ll walk you through the how and why so you understand exactly what’s going on at all times.

Tie it to revenue. Can great marketing lead to better revenue? Absolutely. And we’ll work with you to identify what channels are driving it for your company.

Can’t get to the fixes yourself or need a helping hand to jump in alongside you (or your team) to help? We can do that, too!

“We’re booked out a year in advance – and the website is the main reason people have been booking with us!”

Rob Lacher
Owner, Lacher Construction

Macon, Ga. marketing services:

If you need a marketing consultant instead, that link will take you to Caleb’s personal site for more information. Either way, you get answers!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s not just about ranking, especially not with ChatGPT, Bard, and AI reinventing how people look up information. If you need SEO in Macon, then you need something better.

Also, ranks ≠ revenue. You’re running a business, not a game show!

Start with an audit that digs into your Google data (not an automated report with bland recommendations) and builds a winning strategy. Then, we can execute it on-site and off-site, including local SEO for Google Map rankings.

Want a sample audit? Click here.

Marketing strategy. From paid channels to customer retention, think more holistically for your prospect and customer base.

Do you have a visible marketing pipeline? Can you tell us, right now, how your marketing is driving cash for your business? If not, we should talk.

Customer experience consulting. Understand what annoys your customers, where your gaps are, and identify ways to improve quickly.

Also: know if you’re paying too much for different tech or services from other vendors.

Fractional Director of Marketing. Gain from Caleb’s perspectives as a part-time employee working for your team on a temporary basis!

The goal: Drive as much impact as possible in a short amount of time, eventually scaling down on your need of our services.

Digital advertising. Google and LinkedIn? We can help. For other platforms, we might be the right fit – or we can pull in somebody to make it sing for you.

No matter what, your digital advertising needs get handled seamlessly and revolving around what’s driving revenue – not just clicks.

Let’s get started:

Book a time so we can dive in and make a plan of attack for your Macon-based business.

Small business marketing resources

Not ready for a call just yet? Here’s some content to add value to your visit right now:

Challenges small business owners in Macon, Ga. face:

Do any of these sound like you?

Time. You’re doing it all. Selling. Building. Working with customers. Balancing the books. Living your life in/around Macon to its fullest.

Oh, and trying to find time to make those marketing updates that keep falling down the to-do list.

Sure, you could learn how to edit everything in your website or take the time to unravel your site’s analytics. But what’s the opportunity cost?

Expertise. Different marketing agencies excel in different areas. One may design gorgeous websites and design billboards, another might dig into your marketing data to highlight areas to improve, still another may be best at getting you found in Google.

Who’s the right agency to trust? Or … do you even need one?

Understanding your buyer. Not just as a fellow local, but also “getting” the intricacies of why they choose what they do and how to take advantage of this knowledge.

If any of these resonate, let’s talk.

Yes, we’re local to Macon

Caleb, our founder, was raised in Macon and moved back to the city in 2022 with family in tow. His immediate family (such as Tom Rule) also continue to live in the area.

The Rules are involved at Strong Tower Fellowship and Caleb can be sometimes found at Lake Tobo’s disc golf course, on the downtown pickleball courts, or taking his kids to the Kohl’s on Zebulon Road for the toys section (they love it and it’s near fast food places, #JustSayin).

His experience working in corporate, marketing agency, and nonprofit settings over a decade lends itself to a variety of revenue-driving marketing activities – and having grown up here, he knows the area and how to best target your ideal customers.

Want to meet in-person? Virtually? Just because we’re a revenue marketing agency in Macon doesn’t mean we’re inflexible … let’s make it happen.