Google Ad Grants can be a great way for nonprofits to boost brand awareness and drive donations. Best of all? Rule Marketing Group offers a nonprofit discount to help!

If you’re a nonprofit, Google Ad grants may be a solution to help you grow. And the best part? It’s pretty easy!

What you get

Google provides $10,000 a month in free – yes, totally free – search advertising. These are the text ads that appear at the top and bottom of the page when you search on Google for practically anything.

With a little creativity, you can drive more interest and/or donations.

What’s the catch?

Per the program standards, it appears easy to get qualified, and then mess it up and lose your grant.

Your account has to be “well-structured.” From geo-targeted campaigns to including the right ad extensions, the setup should be clean and easy to navigate.

It also needs to perform. Your click rate on ads needs to hit 5% across the entire account, which is a fairly high number. Anything above 2% could be considered above average. And your Google Analytics goals need to be updated to ensure you’re tracking the right actions on your site.

Speaking of your website, you need to have a website with “substantial content.” And it also needs to be optimized for a great user experience, while also providing a strong foundation to get you that 5% click rate mentioned above. (There are some other items Google is looking for, all mentioned on their site)

Ready to take advantage?

Many nonprofits have a well-developed infrastructure to handle digital marketing initiatives. Unsure if you are? Here’s a checklist:

  • Previous experience managing high-quality Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
  • Understanding of what Google’s looking for in a great website
  • Knows how to produce content that makes people want to take action when they visit your site
  • Ability to measure the three items listed above, and dissect why some tactics work and some don’t

If you need help, we’d be happy to partner with you! We offer a nonprofit discount for Google Ad Grants setup and maintenance, and our businesses model allows us to charge less than many other agencies. Feel free to contact us and start a conversation.




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