We like free things (who doesn't?), so we thought we'd share some free marketing tools we really like.

Who doesn’t love free? (Let us know – seriously. We’d like to meet them.)

Being budget-conscious is a skill all employees, at any type of company, should be. However, if you search “free marketing tools” on Google, you may be overwhelmed at the available options. The great thing? There’s a lot of stuff!

The bad thing? There’s a L-O-T out there.

We know every tool doesn’t make sense for everyone. But we’ve used some of them, and love sharing what we know. So if you’re interested, check out our page dedicated to free stuff.

We’ll keep updating the page as we come across new tools, people like you send us great ideas, and occasionally even things we create ourselves. 

The best part? Yep, it’s all free (no email address required). 

And if you find it or anything else on the site helpful, all we ask is you share it on your social media. Because if you think it’s good, chances are you know someone else who could use it, too!

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