Real talk: we all have those moments when getting some unvarnished feedback would be nice. Get it now.

It gets us out of our own head, allows someone with fresh eyes to look over something, and prevents silly errors (at worst) or highlights more strategic gaps (at best).

So, get that feedback. Fast. Without spending a ton of cash, setting up an account, or having to hop through sales team hoops for “custom pricing.”

Feedback from Exit Five for Caleb's video feedback on their project
Actual comment from an Exit Five user

It can be:

  • A part of your website
  • An outreach email
  • Ad copy
  • New product launch page
  • Survey questions
  • and more!

Within 48 business hours, get a video showing my feedback with real-time impressions of your work. It’s confidential – you get the video (as a Youtube unlisted link) and do with it what you will, I never share it with anyone.

A clip from a feedback video – not for a client.

For $10.

Yes, for the price of a fancy coffee (depending on where you are), you get a fresh perspective on what matters most to you and uncover mistakes that might cost you thousands.

Get it now!

Why this vs. other options:

  • You know who you’re getting. Not a random person (or set of people).
  • Far cheaper than other platforms, even those offering similar options of just one test
  • No account setup or sales call required
  • Talk to me directly, through email or LinkedIn.
  • If you think you didn’t get your 10 bucks worth, email me within 5 days for a refund.

Are you in the Exit Five community? Reach out to me there, I’ll do one for free as a value-add as a fellow member.

Feedback from another Exit Five for Caleb's video feedback on their project

If you aren’t in Exit Five yet, it’s a pretty awesome B2B marketing community from Dave Gerhardt. Worth checking out – here’s my referral link if you want to help my kids get a few more Chick-Fil-A nuggets in their ever-expanding bellies.

Get feedback from a B2B marketer now!

Fill it out and I’ll be in touch!

Some examples of what this service doesn’t cover:

However, if you want feedback, I can provide a quote. Either email me or grab a time to talk.

  • Entire sales sequences
  • Podcasts or videos over eight minutes
  • Budgeting
  • Vendor selection
  • Workflows within a certain platform

Basically, this service is intended for simplicity to make it fast + easy for you to get feedback on something that’s straightforward to review.

Terms and Conditions

  • Each purchase is for a single item – such as a landing page, a sales email, a sign up process, etc. If you want me to go through an entire sequence, let’s talk.
  • You get feedback on the item’s URL input into the payment portal. Once the video’s delivered, you can send follow-up questions. I reserve the right to either answer or suggest you need another video.
  • If, for whatever reason, I can’t fulfill my end of the bargain, I’ll refund you.
  • I reserve the right to refuse and refund you if your request is crazy.
  • If you mistakenly input the wrong URL, reach out. We’re all human. Stuff happens.
  • Have an issue with what I’ve provided? Email or DM me and let’s talk.
  • If you think the value I provide isn’t worth $10, let me know why within five business days and I’ll refund you. Only requirement is you explain why it wasn’t valuable so I can get better for the next person.

What are you waiting for? Get it now!