More and more brands continue to shift a higher percentage of their ad spend to digital marketing. Your audience is on a screen somewhere – and with easier measurements, strong targeting options, and a bevy of channels to choose from, it’s no wonder.

Many agencies will race into different channels, saying you should do Google Ads or invest in your local SEO. But how many can tell you why and tie it back to a specific sub-section of your target market? We’ll make sure you have a marketing strategy in place to direct these digital tactics well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a foundational building block to any digital marketing strategySEO is a foundational building block to any digital marketing plan. Not only can it help you gain more relevant search engine traffic, but it also helps drive down average ad costs and provides a better experience for your customers, making them more likely to buy from you when they find you.

It falls into two parts: Technical, and content.

Technical SEO focuses on code. It makes sure your site loads quickly, is easy to use, and that nothing breaks. It can also include schema markup, web server load times, and much more.

Content SEO is a lot more of what people see, from compelling text and headlines to optimized images. This creates

In addition, locally-focused SEO brings more attention to your company by strengthening your online presence on various listing websites (such as Yelp, Bing, Google, and many more). It’s the answer to the question “How do I rank in Google Maps?And a bonus? It also boosts an organic SEO strategy and ensures accurate information about your company across the web.

Think hours of operation, company address, and phone number – you don’t want misinformation floating around!

Your products and target market(s), combined with keyword research into buying intent, help us create a specific SEO plan that will have short- and long-term impact.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Google Ads + Bing Ads

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is an industry standard for digital marketing, with millions of users on Google at any given time. They’ve built out an extensive network of available options, ranging from display and video to the ability to be hyper-local. And while many people laugh at the thought of Bing, it offers a cheaper alternative – and potential untapped customers for the right market.

Compelling ad copy or display advertising that connects with your website’s content is key is to maximizing your ad spend.

We can help you setup and optimize your PPC, no matter if your budget is hundreds, or hundreds of thousands.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Many ad agencies will happily take your money and post content on your Facebook page on a consistent basis.

That’s a complete waste of your money.

Our approach has three parts:

  • Content strategy. Just posting something regularly won’t do it – it needs to be worth someone’s time to stop and read!
  • Customer service. We help you develop best practices to gain customer trust with every online interaction.
  • Advertising. Take advantage of low initial costs and great ways to target new customers in your area.

We won’t post to your page(s) for you, but we can make it easy for you to create a community people want to be a part of.

Content Marketing

Specifically, this focus examines what content (photos, text, headlines, etc.) you are showing to customers, and what impact it has on their decision-making.

Sometimes, a simple photo change or new piece of content about a key customer concern can make all the difference!

We help with your infrastructure so your team can manage social media well, while helping produce great content and targeted ads. Let’s talk about best options for your business or team today.